The Basic Feature of Creationism in the Christian Cosmovision.

NOTE : this is a bad traduction of a portuguese text, Sorry for language errors.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.Genesis 1:1

Someone said (perhaps AW Tozer) if he believed in Genesis 1:1, in the Bible would be no more problem for him. In fact, he believed in, but many who call themselves Christians today have difficulty to believe in the biblical account of creation and do not realize the problems this can create in the understanding of the rest of the Christian doctrine, since the Bible itself justifies  the sovereignty of God's creation, basic belief of Christianity, in the creative act:

 The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.  Psalms 24:1-2

Still, many see as a possible harmony between Christianity and other forms of origin of the universe than  Genesis 1, 1, in particular, Evolutionism. What are the implications?

Begin based on the finding that the Christian believes that God exists and that the universe exists. Thus, thinking about their origin, can be thought:

1.The universe originated before God.
2.The universe gave rise both to God.
3.The universe originated subsequently to God.

If one is true, God came into the conditions of the universe, instead of being sovereign over this, the universe affects Him. God is just a fact of the universe among others. This God is not the Christian God.
If 2 is true, God and the universe are subject to the same conditions as its source and submit to them. Universe and God are identified at source. This God could not sovereignly govern this universe, because its conditions and laws governing it would be prior to the act of appropriation of this universe by God and therefore God's rule over the universe would be conditioned to their pre-established laws. This is not the Christian God.
If 3 is true, we might think:
3a. The universe originated independently of God.
3b. The universe originated in dependence on God.

If the third is true, God must, as in 2, subject to conditions previously given by the ruling principle universe for it. This is not the Christian God.
If 3b is true, we might think:
3a '. The universe arose spontaneously under supervision and permission of God.
3a''. The universe originated by an act of the will of God.
If 3a' is true, then we can not say that the universe exists by his will and therefore is not governed by laws that are submitted to his will for him. It can be argued that the sun does not put unless God permits, but can not be said that the sun sets because God wants, since the physical laws that determine the sunset were not created by Him. God intervenes in the universe but does not determine its laws and therefore is not sovereign legislature over it, God makes the universe to stop, but it does not work. This is not the Christian God.
If the 3a'' is true, and if only, is that God is sovereign over creation, and therefore the Christian God is true. This means if someone sais to be Christian and affirms anything other than 3a'', he is in contradiction. Christianity does not accord with any other theory of origin of the universe that is not biblical creationism, under penalty of becoming a belief incoherent and lame.

PS. : this is a bad traduction of a portuguese text. Sorry for language errors.

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